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Planting Seeds and Reaping Profits with Local Events

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

As Dean Gardner, KMO’s Director of Sales and I have been setting up for the Summer Fancy Food Show we have been bantering back and forth about how our customers could participate in trade shows and events right in their backyard and grow their brand and increase their customer base.  Here are just a few of the ideas we came up with:

  • Business to Business Networking Socials – Take the time to mingle with other local business owners and let them know about catering opportunities or other special services you may offer.
  • Church Bazaars – Events like this usually bring people in from all over and the cost to set-up a table is pretty inexpensive.
  • Local college “Welcome Freshman Class” – Each year you can welcome a whole new class of students to your business.  Make sure they know where you are located in town and what you offer… FREE wifi, entertainment, etc.
  • Become the featured coffee provider for area job fairs – everyone needs a great cup of coffee before, after and maybe even during an interview.
  • Become a speaker for the Elks Club, Masons, VFW, Lions, Kiwanis Club or other civic organizations – These groups are always searching for featured speakers and it allows you to become considered the area expert in your field.
  • Join town featured events like anniversary, holiday and Founder’s Day celebrations – Again, people come from miles away to take part in the festivities and this provides you a chance to let them know about you, your business and products.
  • Get involved with charity fundraisers for those in need  - Doing good things for people never goes out of style.
  • Become a featured spot for social group meetings and gatherings – Whether it is a knitting group, book, chess or photography club, these folks need a place to meet and greet… why not yours?
  • Become involved with the local government and area businesses through groups like the Chamber of Commerce or Downtown Improvement Groups – This is great way to build strong ties with your neighbors and local officials.

We are sure that we have missed others but hope that you write back with things that have worked with your business.

I look forward to reading and sharing your ideas.

Best Regards,


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Top 5 Coffee & Tea Gifts

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Here’s five quick ideas and tips for inexpensive, fun, and simple coffee and tea gifts!

5. Find an inexpensive decorative mug & put a tin tie bag full of coffee in it. Wrap it in colored cellophane or tissue paper and tie with a ribbon.

Example available through the Great Canadian Gift Company.

Example available through the Great Canadian Gift Company.

4. For your Tea Lover customers offer a few collections of tea. Whether it is a holiday set or just some green or black teas.

Image from

Image from

3. Give your customers the gift of baked goods, music and coffee. With MusicCooks it’s easy to pair these three things together.

Available at

Available at

2. Pair any size tin tie bag full of your favorite holiday coffee with a holiday cellophane bag full of chocolate covered espresso beans.

Get them at!

Get them at!

1. Pair your featured holiday coffee like Snowflake Sundae with a delicious treat that can be baked Christmas morning or any time during this festive season.  A prepackaged mason jar from filled with all the ingredients for a ”To Die For” muffin or scone recipe is a perfect down home country idea.  Another great source for scones, muffins and breads is Sticky Fingers Bakery.

Whatever you choose… don’t forget the jam!

These are great tips for getting gifts for your customers on your shelves. You’re making it a one stop shop for them and an increase in sales for you.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

What’s this Fair Trade Stuff All About?

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

FT_Logo_webOctober is Fair-Trade month and is a perfect time to take a look at offering Fair-Trade Certified coffees to your customers. In the spirit of the month, we’re introducing a 3-part blog on Fair-Trade Certified coffees and how they matter to you and your business.

What’s this Fair-Trade stuff all about?

Talking about Fair-Trade Certified coffees can become very confusing, very quickly. What exactly is Fair-Trade Certified? What about Free Trade or Fairly Traded or even Direct Trade? What’s the difference, if they’re not all the same thing?

  • Free Trade is an entirely different animal that you’d be hard-pressed to find any non-politically biased information on. In its most basic form, Free Trade is a trade policy that allows traders to act and trade without interference from the government. This means there are no certifying agencies and middleman regulated tariffs or taxes. There are no checks and balances, no one to watch where monies are going or how it is spent. There’s no standard on who decides or defines what “free trade” is.
  • Direct Trade & Fairly Traded are very similar. The principles of Fair-Trade Certified are somewhat represented. Coffee roasters purchase direct from farmers without utilizing middlemen or any outside certification. The roasters create the standards and determine what is fair. However, most of the standards are not across the board and can differ from coffee region to coffee region. There is an overall, albeit flexible, approach to labor and environmental issues. The main concern tends to be for the economic sustainability of all parties involved. The biggest difference is the lack of a 3rd party organization, like TransFair USA. This means that the only people making sure the practices are Direct or Fair are the roasters themselves. The question that remains is whether or not consumers feel able to trust an individual business’ judgment, over an independent 3rd party organization, dedicated to assure criterias are met with an unbiased agenda.
  • Fair-Trade Certified coffee is an organized social movement and economic-based approach that aspires to help producers in developing countries promote sustainability by paying close attention to the details in trade and cutting out the middle man.

    This means that:

    • The farmers are being paid fairly for their work
    • The living and working conditions are safer
    • The producers have direct access to international markets, thereby cutting out the middle man and extra costs
    • And there is an independent organization that is making sure these guidelines are met.
  • Fair-Trade Certified also has a very specific vision for the health and well-being of the farmers. Certification, which is received from independent 3rd party organizations, makes sure that working conditions are safe, that child labor is not happening and that money is being put back into these impoverished coffee producing communities to stimulate growth out of poverty.

Coffee Farmers Picking Cherries from Trees

In today’s society of social responsibility our cars are becoming gas sippers as opposed to gas guzzlers, our papers and plastics are becoming more recyclable and our homes are becoming greener. It’s fashionable to care about more than just what affects us and us alone. Fair-Trade Certified has been on the rise for the past decade or so and fits perfectly in with the idea to be more socially conscious and aware of the impact we have with our choices and money.

In addition to the social responsibility, there’s also the health aspect. With the world searching for ways to lead a healthy and long life, the organic market keeps growing and growing. Currently, according to TransFair USA, 60% of Fair-Trade Certified certified coffees in the U.S. are also certified organic.

100% of Kaffe Magnum Opus’s Fair-Trade Certified coffees are certified Organic.

Stay tuned for Vol. II — Am I made for Fair-Trade Certified?