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Serving It Up – In-Store Sampling Makes An Impact!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Hot off the press! Sampling gourmet coffees and foods sell more products, both in the short and long run.  A new independent study proves for the first time that in-store sampling not only has dramatic sales impact on the day of the sampling event, but also increases sales of established products and line extensions, as well as products, for many weeks following.

Conducted by Knowledgenetworks,  the study showed the following:

  • In-store sampling drives additional repeat purchase
  • In-store sampling drives sales for existing products and line extensions
  • In-store sampling delivers new buyers – to the sampled items and to the brand franchise
  • In –store sampling impacts sales long after the day of the event, making it incredibly cost effective

To read the complete study: Groundbreaking Study Redefines In-Store Sampling Impact and Usage

Ideas that can be used specifically for specialty coffee retailers:

  • Focus on creating a coffee of the week, month holiday or season.  An example would be celebrating the upcoming autumn season by featuring Pumpkin Spice for September, Cranberry Nut Cream in October and Vermont Maple Nut Crunch in November.Pumpkin Spice
  • Make sure to have related products at or near your sampling area.  If you are featuring Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee, promote a pumpkin spice flavored latte, pumpkin infused cheesecake, pumpkin cream cheese rolls, pumpkin nut muffins… you get the idea!
  • Make the effort to use a slower time of the day or week to invite customers in to a seasonal or holiday sampling.  This is a great time to show off any new and exciting gift items you will be carrying for the upcoming time period.  Make sure to display at least three different size gift baskets that customers can order from you as well as any cookies or dessert trays that will be available.
  • Get your whole staff involved with creating the buzz and helping out during the sampling.  Big smiles, pleasant greetings and lots of product knowledge will go a long way to stimulating sales now and in the future.
  • Set up a designated area for different products and make sure you are ready to take early holiday orders.  Customers are thrilled to begin crossing people of their shopping lists.  Offer a generous discount for orders placed the day of the sampling event.
  • Remember there is always a National Fun Food Holiday, changing of the season, Hallmark special occasion or nationally observed holiday to celebrate so you will never run out of ideas.
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