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Coffee companies must attract younger drinkers, research group says

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

With coffee drinking patterns relatively unchanged in recent years, a recent study by Mintel Intl., a leading market research and analysis firm finds that coffee companies must center their focus on younger customers.

The study shows that “Two thirds of Americans have a cup of coffee every day.  However, only 27 percent of the coveted 18-24-year-old demographic drink coffee on a regular basis.”

Attracting younger adults into coffeehouses and cafes is very important to successful long term growth.  Discussions about what could attract more of this target market could start with a coffeehouse’s employees, which in many instances are part of that demographic.

Creating a casual atmosphere with music, available wi-fi, offering Fair Trade Organic coffees as well as a food menu of items that would appeal to this group is a great starting point.  Becoming a destination for social get-togethers -  live music, open mic nights, poetry readings and movie nights could prove to be fun as well as profitable.

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How to Find Easy, Quick & Inexpensive Loyalty Cards

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

These days you’d be hard-pressed to find a store that doesn’t offer some kind of customer loyalty card.  They’re a great way to encourage customer loyalty and repeat visits.  They work even better when they carry some kind of potential for reward!  “Buy 10, get 1 free” gives your customers something to strive for!  Here are some simple and inexpensive steps to having your own set of custom loyalty cards:

  • Utilize inexpensive print sites like
    • The site is very easy-to-use and helpful with ideas for design and templates.

vista print logo

  • Select “Business Cards” from the list of products.
    • Vista print gives you the choice to choose from their templates, create your own or even have one of their designers create something for you

Vistaprint Screenshot Designs

  • Once you’ve decided what you’d like to use, get to creating!
    • You can upload your own photos, work off of their templates and add whatever you’d like.

Vistaprint Designs

  • Once you’ve created your card, check out! often has sales and deals on products and shipping running every day!

Vistaprint Designs

Not only are these cards easy to make but also incredibly easy to utilize.  You can purchase a coffee bean shaped hole-punch or rubber stamps from sites like These loyalty cards are a great way to keep your customers coming back and to keep their minds on your shop!  Have fun with them & be creative; the possibilities are endless!

  • Bulk coffee card
  • Sandwich/lunch card
  • Buy 10 drinks/lbs. and get 1 free
  • Cards for espresso-based drinks, iced drinks and hot chocolate
  • Gift mug or basket cards – buy 5 and get 50% off next order

If increasing your sales sounds good, give me a call (800) 652-5282 or Robert at

Top 5 Coffee & Tea Gifts

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Here’s five quick ideas and tips for inexpensive, fun, and simple coffee and tea gifts!

5. Find an inexpensive decorative mug & put a tin tie bag full of coffee in it. Wrap it in colored cellophane or tissue paper and tie with a ribbon.

Example available through the Great Canadian Gift Company.

Example available through the Great Canadian Gift Company.

4. For your Tea Lover customers offer a few collections of tea. Whether it is a holiday set or just some green or black teas.

Image from

Image from

3. Give your customers the gift of baked goods, music and coffee. With MusicCooks it’s easy to pair these three things together.

Available at

Available at

2. Pair any size tin tie bag full of your favorite holiday coffee with a holiday cellophane bag full of chocolate covered espresso beans.

Get them at!

Get them at!

1. Pair your featured holiday coffee like Snowflake Sundae with a delicious treat that can be baked Christmas morning or any time during this festive season.  A prepackaged mason jar from filled with all the ingredients for a ”To Die For” muffin or scone recipe is a perfect down home country idea.  Another great source for scones, muffins and breads is Sticky Fingers Bakery.

Whatever you choose… don’t forget the jam!

These are great tips for getting gifts for your customers on your shelves. You’re making it a one stop shop for them and an increase in sales for you.

Have a wonderful holiday season!