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Why Consumers Buy Kosher…

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

In yesterday’s Gourmet Retailer e-newsletter there was an informative article on why consumers are selecting Kosher foods and beverages.

This article is important to Kaffe Magnum Opus because all of our coffees, straights through flavored selections are and have been KSA certified for years.  It is another level of assurance that we provide for our customers.  We are also Fair-Trade Certified, Organic Certified and Smithsonian Bird-Friendly Certified.

These certifications provide our customers the selling edge, the absolute advantage within their marketplace to say to their customers “The Consumer” that the product they are purchasing is of the highest quality and have no reservations about making that statement.  To learn more about gaining the absolute advantage within your marketplace contact

This particular article depicts the importance that consumers place on the factors that motivate them to allocate spending on food and beverage products.

The research stated that “The market for kosher food is strong and growing in the United States, reports Mintel. Sales of kosher foods totaled $12.5 billion in 2008, a 64 percent increase since 2003.”

Mintel, the Chicago-based research firm found that the No. 1 reason people buy kosher is for food quality (62 percent).

“General healthfulness” (51 percent) was cited as the second most common reason people purchase kosher food, while food safety rated third among 34 percent of respondents, in sharp contrast to the 14 percent of respondents who say they purchase kosher food because they follow kosher religious rules. Full Story…