Founder’s Page

Kaffe Magnum Opus is literally translated, a great work of art in coffee. The modern cafe has roots in the coffee houses where people gathered to socialize, network, and do business. I started Kaffe Magnum Opus to support and maintain this tradition and to provide unconditionally guaranteed coffee.

Our roasting facility is located near the Pinelands of Southern New Jersey. This area of the East Coast was summering grounds for Native Americans and became an important part of the American tradition of freedom and independence. Today the Pinelands is one million acres of preserved forest, mostly pine and oak. The Pinelands consists of spring-fed, crystal clear streams and rivers, trees that whisper like chimes, quiet that encourages peace and contemplation, and a unique music that rivals the country and bluegrass of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Kaffe Magnum Opus is committed to excellence. This committment applies to the craft of coffee roasting and equally important to the craft of Service to Coffee Retailers, a craft in which KMO is leading the way. Everything we do is considered in terms of providing phenomenal customer service and our absolute dedication to providing the best, highest quality and the freshest coffee in the industry.

Bob Johnson, Founder

I am proud of the company we have become and I am proud of the leadership Robert Kraeuter, our president, is supplying. He is adding new products and new promotional material and new vigor to KMO’s approach to service.

Cathy and I are traveling the country visiting cafes and coffee houses. Some of you know that I rode my recumbent bicycle from Catskill, located on the Hudson River in Upstate New York, to Key West Florida in support of independent coffee houses. I did so to stay up to date and to share what I saw and learned with you to assist your drive for success!

By all means try us out and see if what I pledge is what we deliver. If you don’t find it so, give me a call at 609-247-9683, e-mail me at or comment here. If you find Kaffe Magnum Opus to be above and beyond your expectations please spread the word.

Bob and Cathy Johnson


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