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Batten Down the Hatches; Cover the Windows

Friday, August 26th, 2011

We will be praying for all of you along the East Coast, and battening down our own hatches today and tomorrow.

There is plenty of coffee in the KMO warehouse so on Monday you’ll be able to replenish inventory, if necessary.

For emergency calls my home number is 856 825 8213 and my cell, if ATT stays up and running, is 609 247 9683.

I’ve been living at the Jersey Shore since 1984 and this is the first time the evacuations have been so widespread.  All we can do is hope Irene fades out to sea.

Good luck all.

Management Changes at KMO – Letter from Bob Johnson, Founder

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a year.  It’s keeping us all sharp and focused, for sure.

You may know that I took time away from KMO and for one thing, rode my bicycle (my legs the motor) down the East Coast from Catskill, NY to Key West on a Ride for Independent Coffee Houses.  The mission was to identify and share the ingredients of success, and I visited many coffee houses and cafés, spoke with many owners, and documented the results on the web.  It was a great experience and I hope useful for you. The site is

I returned to the KMO CEO position when the company needed it most.  The commodity market was eating up KMO’s income and prices were not keeping pace.  No one knows better than you that I changed that policy.  KMO is and will be, above all else, a high quality coffee roaster with a social conscience, and will not underprice or overprice the coffee we roast, nor sell it below cost.  With some very real mixed feelings, some coffee’s, including KMO flavored coffee, will rise again this coming Friday or Saturday.  Please think about your coffee needs, and look at Cafe 1945.

Despite the dizzying pace of change, I am announcing that KMO is fertilizing its roots, focused on quality and excellent customer service.  I love this business and I love the aroma and taste of coffee and I will work hard to keep KMO an ingredient of your success for those who share this passion. 

Paul Johnson, Bob's Son

Paul Johnson, Bob's Son


Paul Johnson, Bob's Brother

About six months ago I dined with my son Paul, and asked his permission to invite my grand- daughter Maggie to join the business.  To my surprise and delight Paul offered to sell his business, Meadowview Landscaping, a business he loved and knew well, and instead join KMO.  You’ll see that he is a great guy to work with.  His picture is on the left.

I am happy to say that my brother Paul in LA also joined KMO and currently assists in the daily financial activities.  He is looking forward to servicing customers in the future.  Paul retired from the IRS after 25 years.  His picture is on the right. 

In other news, Dean Gardner, national sales manager, resigned the end of January.  Robert Kraeuter also resigned, in late March.  Both are contractually obligated to preserve KMO; I wish them both well.  If you were given their cell phone numbers, please call 800 652 5282 for another personal contact number. Neither Robert nor Dean is acting on behalf of KMO.

There are many good things coming.  KMO will soon have a Loring roaster that reduces the carbon footprint by 80%.  We have a new line designed for these extraordinary times, Cafe 1945.  And we are right now soliciting your input on a tea, chai and syrup line.

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson

I extend to you many thanks for your continued patronage.  KMO remains the place to go for the most flavors and best blends and the best service in the industry.  And now KMO’s high standards will go on for at least another generation, and I trust, many more.


Do SBux Barista’s Stereotype?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

I doubt it.  Most are very nice accommodating people.  But one writer thinks the opposite.  Here is the picture from

From Flavorwire

From Flavorwire


Apparently it is one person doodling.

I rode my bicycle 1,600 miles (down the East Coast of America: visiting independent coffee houses and cafe’s.  All of the owners and staff were dedicated individuals, participating in their communities and actively supporting many good causes.

Here’s to Independent Coffee Houses and Cafe’s.

Bob Johnson