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Jamaican Me Crazy Trademark Notices

Friday, November 4th, 2011

KMO’s long time and valued supplier has the trademark on Jamaican Me Crazy flavoring.  Apparently, in an effort to stop its unauthorized use they are required to notify everyone using it that it is owned by them.  In some cases you will receive a letter and a ‘cease and desist’ notice.

KMO’s customers may disregard this letter if they are purchasing the Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee from KMO, because KMO is authorized, and its customers are in turn permitted to use it.

Job Opportunities at KMO

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

1. Web Site Designer

KMO has numerous coffee domains and will develop small, educational sites for each one.  For example, KMO will publish a site about Ethiopian Coffee using the domain name  Continuing this example, there are several other regional designations for Ethiopian Coffee and each would have its own web site.  You will reseach the country, its culture, its people and of course the coffee.  Each site will have a store selling the coffee featured on the site; will make available Ethiopian Coffee.

KMO has a domain for virtually every coffee in the world.  So there is a lot to be done.

If you can produce web sites/stores on Yahoo, or other hosting services, that are colorful, well writen, content rich, and interesting and educational, then this position is for you. You must be organized and work well with the pressure of deadlines.  You know how to promote using social media.  And you love coffee.  You must have experience, published sites, and be looking to make a difference in the world of coffee.  And create a lottabuzz.  Dot com of course.

Send me you sites by e-mail.  If you wish, a brief summary resume of your history and credentials, and compensation requirements is welcome.  I’m open to paying by the site, or a share of the revenue from each site or some other imaginative, innovative method you may suggest, and your compensation will grow as you get sites published, demonstrate your technical, promotional and interpersonal skills and achieve measurable results.  You will work with me.

2. In office sales and service.

We are looking for two people who positively love to engage other people in conversation on the telephone.  These are sales positions, selling to other businesses, helping them meet their goals, using KMO’s well known, great coffee.  You will do Great Works in Coffee with  Kaffe Magnum Opus.

Send brief resume’s to  Your initial contact will come from Cathy via telephone.

No Damage, Monday will be Open and Shipping

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

In this area the maximum winds were 50 mph or so.  Lot of rain.  But all is well here.  It is one of the reasons KMO stayed in Southern New Jersey.  It is rare that hurricanes hit.  They tend to go up the coast, and usually 40 to 50 miles out.  So we experience very little of the harsh and threatening weather so prevalent in the rest of the US.  I can’t remember a day, even the heaviest snow days, that the plant closed down completely.

Thunder and lightening storms are the biggest threat, so we have to go to cell phones from time to time (although last night our entire family – a housefull of evacuted folks and dogs – spent an hour in the basement because the news said a tornado was on the ground and headed our way).  We don’t get tornado’s, but there were a few last night, caused by the hurricane.

So, we know some of you had big problems, and we will do what we need to do, and can do, to help.  Let us know.

We are thankful to be up and running.