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Coffee companies must attract younger drinkers, research group says

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

With coffee drinking patterns relatively unchanged in recent years, a recent study by Mintel Intl., a leading market research and analysis firm finds that coffee companies must center their focus on younger customers.

The study shows that “Two thirds of Americans have a cup of coffee every day.  However, only 27 percent of the coveted 18-24-year-old demographic drink coffee on a regular basis.”

Attracting younger adults into coffeehouses and cafes is very important to successful long term growth.  Discussions about what could attract more of this target market could start with a coffeehouse’s employees, which in many instances are part of that demographic.

Creating a casual atmosphere with music, available wi-fi, offering Fair Trade Organic coffees as well as a food menu of items that would appeal to this group is a great starting point.  Becoming a destination for social get-togethers -  live music, open mic nights, poetry readings and movie nights could prove to be fun as well as profitable.

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The CEO or Owner or Leader or PGA Tour Professional must know the details

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

PGA 006

Is this a Sand Trap, or Bunker?  Dustin Johnson thought, as virtually all the fans on the course and at home thought, it was a path, not a bunker.  But it is a bunker designed by Pete Dye, the course designer.  Dustin Johnson put his club on the ground behind the ball; in golf language he grounded the club.  A no no in a bunker.  So after finishing the hole, and tying the PGA Championship, on national television, he was penalized two strokes and dropped out of the playoff with two other players.  A real shame.  But…

Golf pros are their own CEO and the CEO is responsible for knowing the details when he or she is making a decision.  Routine situations, even ones disguised by trampling, are not routine when the CEO is involved.  So there is a lesson for all of us to learn.  Know the rules, know the details.  In this case the ball is resting on sand, and might have raised a question in Johnson’s mind, but it did not because the bunker was trampled.

At first I thought it was a path, but the rules chairman explained that “local rules” were clearly spelled out in handouts and signs, and the local rules made it clear that every sand area on the course was a bunker.

Tough.  Very tough.  But…  Johnson missed it.

So we must all stay current, read, research, learn, go to school, read the NY Times online (my bias), read books, stay technically current, know your accounting, know your pricing, know your costs, and know your customers.  There are no small decisions.  Know the details and pursue them relentlessly.

Dustin Johnson is a stand-up man who I think will be back to win other major golf championships.  Lets hope this bad decision doesn’t cripple him.  Another trait of the CEO must be resilience.  We make mistakes, we have to move on, correct the work, and get on with running a profitable business.

Exclusively from Another Great Coffee – Fair Trade Organic Three Eyed Buddha Blend™

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
Three Eyed Buddha Blend Poster, Air Pot Label or Shelf Talker

Three Eyed Buddha Blend Poster, Air Pot Label or Shelf Talker

Fair Trade Organic Three Eyed Buddha™ is only available from Kaffe Magnum Opus.  Three cheers to Robert Kraeuter for coming up with the blend.

This is one I urge you to carry and brew.   It has remarkable clarity and is part of our growing selection of Fair Trade Organic coffees.

Have some fun in your store and add something different.  Fair Trade Organic Three Eyed Buddha™ is the answer to your search.  Pilgrim: “Your Journey is Over”.
Bob Johnson