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Lance Armstrong Focused – Focus Yields Success

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
Lance Armstrong Focused

Lance Armstrong Focused

Lance Armstrong is an intensely focused man.  He has to be.  Otherwise, how could he do what he does?

He couldn’t.  Same is true in business.  There are lots of good ideas that come along, and there are lots of things you might want to add, subtract, try, initiate, install or as Nike says: “Just Do”.  But don’t.  Only do what fits in your grand design.  Focus on what you do best and then do a lot of it.

If you are the energy in your store or enterprise, the source of the motivation and action, then be there and provide the energy.  Keep everyone focused.  If customer service is your strength, the one thing that distinguishes you from your competitors, then keep the staff focused on service.  Give your customers what they demand.

If you experience poor service while transacting business, make sure the same behavior does not exist in you shop.  Every minute of every day, stay focused, and ask yourself always: “does this apply to my business?”

I say it again and again, as much to remind myself to stay focused, as to help you stay focused.  It is hard.  There is a song whose lyrics are: “its hard and its hard and its hard great god, to love one who never will love you”.   We must do this all the time, no matter how hard.  Focus and give your customers what they want.


Exclusively from Another Great Coffee – Fair Trade Organic Three Eyed Buddha Blend™

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
Three Eyed Buddha Blend Poster, Air Pot Label or Shelf Talker

Three Eyed Buddha Blend Poster, Air Pot Label or Shelf Talker

Fair Trade Organic Three Eyed Buddha™ is only available from Kaffe Magnum Opus.  Three cheers to Robert Kraeuter for coming up with the blend.

This is one I urge you to carry and brew.   It has remarkable clarity and is part of our growing selection of Fair Trade Organic coffees.

Have some fun in your store and add something different.  Fair Trade Organic Three Eyed Buddha™ is the answer to your search.  Pilgrim: “Your Journey is Over”.
Bob Johnson

Fair Trade Organic Hot Havana Nights™ – One Great Coffee!

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

This is One Great Coffee --> Resales Excellent - Great Feedback

I urge you to get a five pound bag, poster, the air pot label and a case of six one pound bags for resale.
I guarantee your customers will love this brew.  Money back if it doesn’t work.
Bob Johnson
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