Perk It Up Before Pumpin' it Up

Trying to be a healthy almost 50 something, I try my best to eat properly, get to bed at a decent hour, and  exercise several times a week.

But based on the April 6th article in the Colorado Daily Newspaper titled Research: Drink coffee before exercising I may be able to cut down on my trips to the gym. At best the old expression “No Pain, No Gain” may no longer apply if I exchange my water jug for a extra large cup of my favorite Joe.  I am wondering how running on the treadmill and drinking piping hot coffee is going to work out….

This article does provide a nice marketing opportunity.  Taking the time to scribe cleverly a promotional piece that can be used as a handout or bulletin board flyer.  Get out and do some leg work; introduce yourself to local gym owners and personal trainers and share this information with them.  Use it to promote the positive effects that coffee has for those who exercise or participate in weekend warrior activities.

Make sure that the promotional piece is well-branded, complete with pertinent contact information and directions.  ”Reduce Muscle Soreness Now, Come to Joe’s Jumpin’ Java Cafe for the Solution” or “NO Pain with Joe!” could be a headline for the flyer…

The main point is creating a ”call to action” that will entice the targeted gym audience to stop by the coffeehouse before or after their work-out.  The downside is that you may have to begin carrying some healthy snack alternatives, the upside is a new set of customers coming to your shop and bigger biceps from lifting all the new money out of the register at the end of the day.

The article sheds light on the reduction of pain associated with working out.  “Scientists at the University of Georgia reported as far back as 2003 that caffeine reduces muscle pain during exercise. Their study, involving muscle pain during cycling, found that riders reported substantially less pain after taking a caffeine pill rather than a placebo tablet.”

It goes on further to note the findings of “Robert Moti, a former competitive cyclist and now physical performance and health professor at the University of Illinois-Champaign.  He reports that caffeine indeed works on a nerve signal processing system in the brain and spinal cord linked to pain.”

“Moti started out studying possible links between caffeine intake, spinal reflexes and physical activity, but his most recent work looks at the effect of caffeine on muscle pain during high-intensity exercise.”  For the complete article “click here”.

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