Local coffeeshop turns 75¢ paper into $1,000 of new business!”

SAY WHAT?  Yes… this headline could be about YOU!

“Local coffeehouse owner turns 75¢ investment into $1,000.00 worth of new business!”

The newspaper business may not be great for the newspaper companies or its advertisers, but for smart business owners, the local paper holds a wealth of potential new customers.  For a yearly investment of $273.75 (that’s 75 cents for 365 editions) you can have up-to-date local leads and prospects delivered to your door in the form of the daily newspaper.  Everyday each freshly- printed edition provides the opportunity to reach out to a score of people and companies that more than likely are unaware of or who have passed by your business time and time again.

By setting aside time daily to peruse each page you will be able to develop a sizable listing of potential new customers to invite to  your business.  Creating a simple marketing campaign directed to these potential new customers will be well worth the time and effort spent the moment they come through your door.

You could quickly increase your traffic by acknowledging and inviting the individuals, couples or groups that have:

  • Announced an engagement
  • Celebrated an anniversary
  • Had a new baby
  • Recently purchased a new home
  • Received a promotion
  • Started a new business
  • Excelled with a personal or group achievement
  • Displayed a random act of kindness
  • Won an election
  • Had a positive and heart-warming story write-up

Creating a standard letter or invitation for each occassion or event will allow you to get your information into the mail on a daily basis.  Using a basic Excel spreadsheet will make tracking the invitations and measuring the effectiveness of this campaign relatively quick and easy.

The opportunity to increase traffic volume greatly depends on the number of individuals, couples, or groups that you have uncovered in the paper and invited to come visit your business.  The invitation can be small and personal in nature or can be taken to a much larger extreme.  A FREE breakfast, lunch, drink or dessert is just a few of the simple things that can be offered to honor, celebrate or congratulate them.  Take the time to personally introduce yourself and your staff and express appreciation for them stopping by.  Take this experience to the next level by creating the opportunity to snap a picture of the visit.  Make sure to post it on your website and on your in-house community board for all to see.  Remember to note who, what, when and why next to the picture.

Contact the local paper to make them aware of the event, occasion or celebration and you might just get some FREE press!  An example of this would be “Local Little League Champs Celebrate Victory with FREE Ice Cream from Joe’s Coffee & Cones”.   Not only will the kids love the praise for their accomplishment along with the ice cream, but be sure the parents, grandparents, friends, family and surrounding community will appreciate the fun and spirit the celebration brings to all.  In return for this small gesture of appreciation, your business will have the chance to gain a potential new stream of traffic and revenue and you and your staff will develop a true feeling of connection with the community.  All this from a 75 cents investment…

For more information visit http://www.KmoCoffee.com/ and for more ideas visit http://www.improveyourprofits.com/, for up-to-date information on Kaffe Magnum Opus visit http://www.twitter.com/KMOcoffee or to contact me directly at robert@KmoCoffee.com

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