Employee Training – Do they hear you?


Make them hear you…employee training

  Providing your staff with all the knowledge you can when training them will provide a bounty of dividends in the future. A well trained employee is worth their weight in gold, both to the business and to the customer. Make sure that your employees are prepared for anything, from how you want your place to look to how you want them to handle unusual inquiries. Otherwise they’ll learn in front of your customer, which is considered the worst place for them to learn.                                                       


  You wouldn’t go away for several days & leave teenagers home alone without rules. You would give then boundaries and rules you’d expect them to follow & things you’d expect them to do. You’d leave them with a definite idea of what is accepted and what is not. Extend the same principal to your employees.

   If you don’t train your employees they will have no context for their actions. If they say the wrong things, or act inappropriately, your customers may get bad information or not information. This may diminish their chances of buying from you. Even if only one employee out of the whole crew gives bad service, you end up with all your customers’ experience being at risk. You must give a structure so every customer gets the same message. Scripts do this.


   If a customer asks “I was wondering if your company did favor’s for parties, my sister is getting married and she wants 2oz. coffee packs to give to her guests.”

Your employee, if trained properly will either know this answer or will be able to say “I’m sorry our Manger isn’t here today but he does work tomorrow in the morning if you wanted to reach him then or I can leave him your information.” 

   A script would have put them in charge of the situation, instead of flustered or telling the customer “No we don’t do that” when really you do.

   When a script is consistently well-presented, it forms the framework of interactions between people, like your employees and customers. When done well, it sounds quite natural. Writing a script for an untrained person allows them to go through the sale or answer questions with confidence. It leaves no room for error which is good for your business and for the customer because they are getting the proper information.


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