Colombian Coffee Price Increase

Colombia has raised the price of Colombian Supremo by $.75 per pound of green at the port of entry.  This translates into a increased cost per pound of roasted coffee of $1.00.  This has all taken place in the last few weeks.  The crop was also short and demand from large companies has increased. 

This puts significant pressure on the price of Colombian and the price of the coffee’s that include it.  Flavored coffee contains all Colombian Supremo;  many of the most popular Kaffe Magnum Opus blends, such as House Blend contain significant amounts. 

Folgers has recently increased its price by 19% at retail.  So if you were selling at $10 per pound, the new price would be 12

We are working on options such as substituting other coffees – Mexicans, Peruvians and other milds are a possibility.

Our plan is to provide you with a choice: continue with Colombians at a somewhat higher price or move temporarily to a blend or a flavored coffee using a substitute.

Colombian Supremos are terrific balanced coffees.  Personally, my favorite blend is Special Blend and I consume 2 pots a day.  I plan to continue with the Colombians.

For flavored coffee, I’d consider moving slowly to the substitute.  That is, I’d mix the substitute with the flavored coffee, gradually moving the mixture to the new blend.  Kaffe Magnum Opus will make available both the existing blends and new ones with substitutes.

Bob Johnson, Founder

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