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How do you want your customers greeted…does your staff really know?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

When a customer walks through your door does your staff greet them warmly and sincerely, do they make sure that the customer feel’s truly welcome and appreciated for walking into your establishment?

So what are the elements of a good greeting?

1. Immediate recognition. Don’t wait even a couple of minutes to acknowledge your customer. If you are anywhere in proximity of your customer say hello.

For example:

  • Whenever you walk into Moe’s Southwest Grill the staff yells “Welcome to Moe’s”
  • At Cold Stone Creamery as soon as you walk in a staff member will say “Welcome to Coldstone”
  • Or you can say “Welcome to Bob’s Java, my names John, what can I make for you today?”

2. Avoid “How may I help you?” this question allows the customer (in a sales situation) to say “just looking”. Start off with “How are you?” or comment on something they are wearing “great glasses, where did you get them?” Size them up as soon as they walk in the door.

  • For example a middle aged woman walks in with two small kids, she seems a bit rattled and she is wearing a Soccer Mom T-shirt. As she approaches the counter, a conversation might begin like “Welcome to Bob’s Java. Looks like you have your hands full. Did you just come from practice or a game?” and she says “Oh no! Thank God, soccer ended last month.” (“You Can Compete” by Bob Phibbs

A response back might be:

    • “My sister said that very thing when her kids were done with soccer for the season”
    • ” My neighbor has 3 boys who all play soccer, I bet she would have to agree with you”

3. Understand them. Begin your relationship with the true goal of finding out their unknown wants, needs and desires and making sure that you fulfill them.

Having a proper greeting and a proper salutation as they leave are important steps in getting your customers to return. Go over with your staff some examples of everyday of “Goodbye Greetings”. That will be the last thing the customer remembers and it should definitely leave a good impression. For example:

  • “Have a nice day, hope to see ya again soon”
  • “See ya later Joe”
  • “Thanks for stopping in, have a great day”

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Isnt it Time to Throw a Party?

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Remember the adage “when a door closes, another one opens”? Bars and restaurants around the country are in fact taking the adage to heart and opening their own doors to the newest pop culture trend: Pink Slip Parties.

“A Pink Slip Party is a social phenomenon that gathers together hundreds of professional workers and sympathizers to honor the passing of the many companies that have shut their doors or have down-sized throughout this market meltdown.”  It also creates a chance to co-mingle with one another, share thoughts, ideas, and support. 

Bars and restaurants have found ways to capitalize on these parties by hosting them in their venues. Independent coffeehouses, which have been bastions of socialization for centuries should take heed of such gatherings. 

This presents a wonderful opportunity for coffee houses to fill in slow hours, days or evening by hosting similar events and taking the lead at again becoming a gathering ground for society.  

Understanding that the darkness of the night always makes way for the light of a new dawn, coffeehouses and cafes are in a unique position to host “Networking Parties”, resume building seminars, life coaching sessions, and an assortment of other meaningful ways to become a hub in many people’s lives. 

When incomes are limited, purchasing a $1.50 cup of coffee certainly makes more sense than a $7.00 martini and the coffee won’t leave you feeling worse the next morning.

Simple things can go along way and will be greatly appreciated:

  • Carry all the local and regional newspapers forindividuals to peruse through for job listings.
  • Make sure you have Wi-Fi for customers to use their laptop computers and then promote that it is FREE.
  • Set up an area with computers for customers to use to review job postings online.
  • Maybe you have employers who are customers that are looking to hire… set up a mini job fair.
  • Create a job posting board or resume board
  • Set up a special day where customers can get chair massages… Who doesn’t feel better after a massage?

 As the plan comes together, the next step is to promote your location as “THE PLACE” to go.  Leave no stone unturned, get the word out to all available sources  

  • Get newspaper coverage – an event like this should gain FREE coverage
  • Word of Mouth
  • Post it on the coffeehouse website
  • Send out e-mail notification through a service like Constant Contact.
  • Promote it in town flyers, town forums or free local weekly papers
  • Let the Chamber of Commerce know about it
  • Contact head-hunters, recruiters and Human Resource Directors in your area
  • Update local Career Centers or colleges
  • Try out a new website called to post your event

Will all the above require one to roll-up their shirt sleeves and do some hardwork and incur some expense… Sure! 

But creating an atmosphere of caring, helpfulness, community participation and hope along with getting more people in your door… to coin the phrase “Priceless.”

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