Flavored Coffee Beans or Syrups: Join the discussion at Kettle and Cup or Right Here!

I was delighted to find Kaffe Magnum Opus mentioned on Kettle and Cup.  Two very nice people had some positive things to say about the company.  We thank you Heather and Marye.

The article deals with flavored coffee; KMO sells over 270 flavors and has always been a proponent of coffee stores carrying at least the top twenty (20) sellers in whole bean flavored coffees.

Some of you know I rode a bicycle from New York to Key West last fall.  The purpose of the ride was to gather ideas that would help independents succeed and to bring attention to independent coffee houses.  I found that the further south I rode the less flavored coffee was presented as an option to consumers.  Most coffee houses and café’s carried flavored syrup to add to liquid coffee.

I think this is a mistake.  People want flavored coffee to drink at home.  If you only flavor with syrups you can not meet this need; if you serve flavored coffee you have a shot at creating demand for the beans.  This is good for you.  It will build your sales and keep people coming back and build your profits and average sale.

There is also the matter of cost of goods.  Syrups are at least 25 cents per shot.  Flavored coffee costs you nothing.  Although 25 cents sounds small, you know how fast that bottle of syrup is empties.  One of my favorite says is: a little number multiplied by a big number is a big number.

Syrups also limit your selection of coffees.  There are hundreds of flavored coffee flavors compared to a limited number of syrups.

Flavored Beans also satisfy your customers existing demand for a great experience at the kitchen table, the Thanksgiving Dinner Table and the Christmas Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Table.  You customers will entertain at Christmas and KMO knows from 20 years experience that they do it with flavored coffee in place of wine and hard liquor.  So, save a life, sell flavored coffee.

An independent coffee house has to have as many products as possible so it can have more than one connection with a customer.  This helps keep them coming back – makes them repeaters.

I know this subject is controversial; there are several points of view.  Many coffee store owners espouse only flavored syrups – this is especially true on the West Coast and is influenced by the Roasters Guild whose focus is on straight coffees.

But I disagree, and jot just because I sell flavored coffee.  It’s because my success depends on your success and it’s in our mutual self-interest to adopt this strategy and enjoy financial success together.

So thank you Kettle and Cup for raising this critical issue.  Do you all agree?  Where do you stand on this profitability issue?  Is this just a marketing issue?

Bob Johnson, Founder

Kaffe Magnum Opus

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